OpenLDAP schema to store OpenPGP keys?

Alphax alphasigmax at
Wed Feb 22 12:56:18 CET 2006

Walter Haidinger wrote:
> On Tue, 21 Feb 2006, David Shaw wrote:
>>>If GnuPG could also store secret keys (btw, can it? have never checked)
>>It's theoretically possible, but no keyserver works that way.
> Probably not for HTTP keyservers, but for LDAP offering strong
> authentication and TLS/SSL?
> A remotely accessible, single storage of secret keys could be quite 
> useful for some people. You wouldn't be required to carry the secret 
> keyring with you on usbsticks or else anymore. When I think about it,
> probably a better use for LDAP capabilities than to store public keys...
> Perhaps something to add in the future?
> (feature request ;-)

Isn't this what Kerberos was designed for?

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