Error handling OpenPGP card with a cyberjack pinpad

Peter Mikulas peter_mikulas at
Wed Feb 22 22:00:59 CET 2006

Hello again!

After reading the thread "OpenPGP card not available: Assuan server fault" my 
questions to the error messages generatet by gpg2 <command> are obsolete.

But when using gnupg- I'm still not able to do anything with the 
OpenPGP card.

When I'm trying to e.g. change the PIN via gpg --change-pin and typing 1 or 3 
(is't a new unused card), the pinentry-qt dialog pops up and after typing in 
the PIN the following error occurs: gpg: sending command `SCD PASSWD' to 
agent failed: ec=4.99 \ Error changing the PIN: general error

The same with generating a key:
  gpg: sending command `SCD SETATTR' to agent failed: ec=6.110

or listing all available data:
  pgp: sending command `SCD LEARN' to agent failed: ec=6.110

Peter M.

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