List all UIDs from a key (gpgme_passphrase_cb_t, uid_hint)

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Thu Feb 23 11:00:57 CET 2006

Hello all,

I'm wondering how a gpgme_passphrase_cb_t-typed callback function could
receive a full list of UIDs for a key, instead of just the primary (1st) one.
I'm using gpgme 1.0.3.

Let me explain what I'd like to do: on a MUA point of view (Sylpheed-Claws,
thru its gpg plugins), a dialog uses the gpgme_passphrase_cb callback, which
will receive a UID_hint from gpgme that only shows the pub key and the primary
email address, whatever I've asked for a *secondary* address
(gpgme_op_keylist_start() is given this secondary address, and
gpgme_op_keylist_next() will only list the primary one).

Would it be possible to get a string that contains the email address I was
referring, or all UIDs maybe? Like `gpg --list-keys "my name"`, that shows here:

pub  <PUB_ID> <DATE> my name <my_email at address>
uid                            my other name 1 <my_other_email_1 at address>
uid                            my other name 2 <my_other_email_2 at address>
uid                            my other name n <my_other_email_n at address>
sub  <SUB_ID> <DATE>

That would allow me showing in the pass-phrase-asking dialog the right address
(parsing the uid_hint would be up to me if it contains all UIDs) instead of
the primary one, which is a bit confusing.

Or maybe there's a way from the gpgme API to get all UIDs that belong to a

Please keep CC'ing me, as I'm not on this mailing list.


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