problems with gnupg-pgp

Johan Wevers johanw at
Mon Jan 23 13:30:10 CET 2006

Nuno Donato wrote:

As I already wrote in

>using GPG, and we were able to encrypt and decrypt the message.
>however, i can not do the same with the PGP guys. when i try to
>decrypt the message i get an error saying something it is not a valid

Standard question: did you install the IDEA extension for GnuPG? If not,
make sure that PGP doesn't encrypt the file with the IDEA algorithm, or,
better, install the IDEA extension (a dll if you're running windows, a
C source file to the source and a recompile on another system).

They can be found on my site:

(Signatures are from Werner Koch, the author of GnuPG).

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