problems with gnupg-pgp

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Mon Jan 23 19:18:13 CET 2006

Nuno Donato wrote on 19.01.2006 0:44:
> hello
> i've recently installed gnupg to be able to communicate with some
> persons who are using PGP (i like free alternatives :)
> before installing i certified that both systems were compatible.
> i sucessfully created my private and public keys and we exchanged
> them. after that, i send a couple of test emails to another person
> using GPG, and we were able to encrypt and decrypt the message.
> however, i can not do the same with the PGP guys. when i try to
> decrypt the message i get an error saying something it is not a valid
> file...
What *exactly* was written in an error message?
Try to use options "--verbose", alternatively you may temporary add
option "verbose" without "--" in gpg.conf.

My current OpenPGP key ID: 0x500B8987
Key fingerprint: E883 045D 36FB 8CA3 8D69  9C79 9E35 3B56 500B 8987
Encrypted e-mail preferred.

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