Problem using GemSage 16k Smartcards

Kim Haverblad kim at
Wed Jan 25 16:14:16 CET 2006

Have tried to get GemSafe 16k cards to work together with OpenPGP /
GnuPG (using Windows XP SP2 / Thunderbird 1.5 /
gnupt- and it won't work at
all. Currently I'm using the OpenPGP card from and it works
fine. But when trying to create keys on GemSafe via OpenPGP plugin for
Thunderbird I get following error:

gpg: detected reader 'Gemplus GemPC400 0'
gpg: pcsc_connect failed: sharing violation (0x8010000b)
gpg: card reader not available
gpg: OpenPGP card bot available: general error

Does the card work; well yes since I then tried with the same card to
create keypair using PGP Desktop and that works fine. So kind of stuck here.

Also tried to use the card together with PGP Desktop and that
card isn't accepted since PGP has hard coded what cards they support.


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