Problem upgrading WinPT

Timo Schulz twoaday at
Thu Jan 26 07:13:42 CET 2006

On Wed Jan 25 2006; 23:33, Johan Wevers wrote:

> (except the keyserver config) from the old WinPT dir and copied the new
> files there. However, now WinPT crashes at startup. This happens both at

I got some reports about this problem but I was never able to reproduce it.
On most machines it works and currently I've no clue what the problem is.

> win2000 and winXP. Did I do anything wrong with this update method? I'd

No. If you deleted all existing (older versions) of PTD.dll, libgpgme-11.dll
and replace WinPT.exe and all DLL's in the WinPT folder it should work. I
tested it myself without any problems.

Maybe you can check out the latest CVS snapshot, it contains some fixes:
(the file just contains the WinPT.exe and PTD.dll, so you need an existing
 WinPT installation)

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