OpenPGP-Card: ccid_transceive failed

Thomas Strobel thomas-strobel at
Mon Jul 3 15:00:43 CEST 2006


I've recently bought a cardreader Cardman 4040 and an OpenPGP-Card. But
unfortunately I can't create all keys on it. If I'm executing "gpg
--card-edit" the following error messages show up (in German, sorry):

gpg: Bitte warten, der Schlüssel wird erzeugt ...
gpg: Schlüsselerzeugung abgeschlossen (26 Sekunden)
gpg: signatures created so far: 0
gpg: Existierender Schlüssel wird ersetzt werden
gpg: Bitte warten, der Schlüssel wird erzeugt ...
gpg: ccid_transceive failed: (0x10009)
gpg: apdu_send_simple(0) failed: card inactive
gpg: Schlüsselerzeugung fehlgeschlagen
gpg: key generation failed: Allgemeiner Fehler
Schlüsselerzeugung fehlgeschlagen: Allgemeiner Fehler

After that only my signing key is available on the card.

But I'm able to load some external created signing and authentification
keys onto the card.

I've tried it with several versions of gnupg (1.4.2,
1.4.3, 1.4.5-svn4186, 1.9.20), each time with pcsc-lite 1.3.1 and with
ccid from kernel

My internet research didn't point me to any new ideas how I could solve
the problem.

So maybe someone of you had similar problems and can give me a hint what
I could try.



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