How to verify the file was successfully encrypted...

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Fri Jul 14 16:35:56 CEST 2006

George Ross wrote:
>>> BTW, why are you encrypting these files anyway?  If someone broke into 
>>> your computer they could just steal the crypto key too.
>> Excellent question!  Truth be told, as soon as they are encrypted,
>> they're being moved to another server in another location, and then are
>> being burned to CD and moved to a safety deposit box.
> How about if you append a hash of the file to the file, and encrypt that 
> too?  Then have the remote machine do the trial decrypt-and-check-hash.  If 
> all is OK the remote machine can then tell the local one to delete the 
> original; and if it's not OK, it can scream at you.

Better than that, if you get GPG to sign the file when it encrypts it
(using a passwordless key/subkey) and/or use the MDC option, you'll be
able to do this more reliably...

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