Cannot decrypt this file for the life of me

webdevlv webdevlasvegas at
Thu Jun 1 23:59:38 CEST 2006

I am a complete newbie to GPG so bare with.  I have a gpg encrypted file and
two .asc files...  file_sec.asc and file.asc (pubilc and secret key?  I have
no clue what the terminology is).  I also have a passphrase that needs to be
used.  I have been trying to get something on my windows machine running for
the past 3 days to try to get this file decrypted.  I have installed gnupg
(and added the location to gpg.exe in the PATH variable).  I have also
installed gpgshell and gpg4win, which includes winpt, and have tried
absolutely every combination and permutation of key import, decrypt, etc,

Plain and simple, I just need a file decrypted.  Do you know of a tutorial
or an easy procedure for this?

Your help with this issue is GREATLY appreciated.
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