Cannot decrypt this file for the life of me

Charly Avital shavital at
Fri Jun 2 07:40:09 CEST 2006

Who encrypted the file, for whom, using what system?
Is it a text e-mail, or a stand-alone file?
If it is an encrypted text e-mail, can you post the actual encrypted
file? If not, can you URL a location where the actual file could be viewed?

I am not familiar with your system (I am a Mac user); extension .asc
applies usually to a plain text in ASCII format, that can be opened with
a text editor.

The two files you mention might be, as you indicate, your public and
secret keys (your key pair). If you open the file 'file.asc' with a text
editor, what are the headers and the footers? Is it something like:

If it is so, then that's your public key block, and the other one
'file_sec.asc' is your secret key block. You should be very careful with
the later, store it in a safe place, and *never* post it or publish it
in any way whatsoever.

You don't mention where those two files are located in your system. They
are your key pair (secret+public key). Do you know (can you see) the
contents of your keyring? That's where your keys are stored. Public
keys, yours and other people, are stored in the public keyring, secret
key or keys (yours only) are stored in the secret key ring.


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