how to authenticate an ldaps keyserver lookup

Ralf Hauser hauser at
Wed Jun 7 16:43:35 CEST 2006


A closed community would like to use gpg to retrieve the keys of other member. To keep the community closed and protect them from spam. They would like query an ldap server through SSL with username password authentication.

While gpg appears to support "ldaps", I didn't see a way to communicate that username/password pair in a lookup like

   gpg --keyserver ldaps://somehost:636 --search micky

Also the --keyserver-options parameters do not appear to offer taking a password.

How can this be done with gpg?

Furthermore, when trying to do that with apache's ldap server, it did not like the SSL it got from my gpg ( 

Has anyone experienced the same? Any hints would be highly appreciated.

   Regards Ralf

P.S.: With both the password and the SSL problem do not occur, but I'd rather not ask the users of the community to install yet another security tool - hopefully gpg can do that!

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