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Sat Jun 10 17:32:19 CEST 2006

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On 06/10/2006 03:03 PM, rmyster wrote:
> Yes, and supposedly it's causing problems for support departments.   On
> the other hand, if you're looking for the command to calculate sha256
> and sha512 hashes, what are the odds you will be targeting words like
> "ALGO"?  "HASH" maybe, but "algo"?  I'd be curious as to how many users
> even know that gpg can do sha256 and sha512 hashes based on what is
> written in the docs.
I think that we can categorize this task under "Advanced Features", how
many un-skilled users need to compute sha2 digests of files? How many of
them understand the term "command-line"? How many of them search in
documentation before posting to Usenet/ML?

> MD5SUM and SHA1SUM are spelled out as clear as day
> in contrast to the ones I was trying to use.  I had been using other
> applications to get the values.
Finding out the right syntax is different from having it under your own
eyes and not seeing it.

> Still, does anyone know what the coreutils docs are referring to when it
> implies that sha512 hashes can be obtained with a command called
> "sha512sum" in the same manner of usage as md5sum and sha1sum?
> (i.e "sha512sum file")
Maybe you could try to tell us what version of coreutils do you have
installed and what OS are you using, we don't have a magic ball to ask.
Two of your headers:
> X-Mailer: Evolution 2.6.0
> Message-Id: <1149944620.29178.19.camel at>
so I suppose you are using SuSE Linux, version 10.1 includes Evolution
2.6.0. Incidentally I am using the same version of this nice
distribution, I have coreutils-5.93 here and there is no trace of sha2
support in documentation.

However you should have noticed that this is not a linux mailing list.
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