sha2 utilities: Print or check SHA-2 digests

rmyster rmyster at
Sat Jun 10 18:40:54 CEST 2006

> > Still, does anyone know what the coreutils docs are referring to when it
> > implies that sha512 hashes can be obtained with a command called
> > "sha512sum" in the same manner of usage as md5sum and sha1sum?
> > (i.e "sha512sum file")
> Maybe you could try to tell us what version of coreutils do you have
> installed and what OS are you using, we don't have a magic ball to ask.
> Two of your headers:
> > X-Mailer: Evolution 2.6.0
> > Message-Id: <1149944620.29178.19.camel at>
> so I suppose you are using SuSE Linux, version 10.1 includes Evolution
> 2.6.0. Incidentally I am using the same version of this nice
> distribution, I have coreutils-5.93 here and there is no trace of sha2
> support in documentation.
> However you should have noticed that this is not a linux mailing list.
> - --
Yes, suse 10.1 with coreutils-5.93-20.  In the info manual, sha2 is
mentioned under section 6.6 (sha2 utilities) and all it says is 
"The usage and options of these commands are precisely the same as for

While this isn't a linux mailing list, md5sum is part of gnupg.  The
closest other choice was the coreutils bug lists and this didn't seem
like a bug related question.  I'll take your hint and drop the topic.

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