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Todd Zullinger tmz at
Sat Jun 10 19:02:49 CEST 2006

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rmyster wrote:
> Yes, suse 10.1 with coreutils-5.93-20.  In the info manual, sha2 is
> mentioned under section 6.6 (sha2 utilities) and all it says is "The
> usage and options of these commands are precisely the same as for
> `md5sum'."
> While this isn't a linux mailing list, md5sum is part of gnupg.

No, it's not.  md5sum is part of the coreutils package.  You're using
suse, which is an rpm based distro, so if I may extend the slightly
off-topic posts a little, here's a handy way for you to find out what
package a file belongs to:

    $ rpm -qf /usr/bin/md5sum

On my FC5 system this returns coreutils-5.93-7.2.

> The closest other choice was the coreutils bug lists and this didn't
> seem like a bug related question.

How not?  If the docs state an application is available and it's not
it's a bug - either in the docs or in the packaging.  In any case, I
took a blind leap of faith and searched for the string sha2 on the
coreutils mailing list and the very first item returned[1] was titled:

Re: Not finding sha256sum

It's a documentation bug in coreutils.  Total time spent, 30 secs. :)


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