Enigmail Problem???

Zach Himsel z.himsel at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 00:28:28 CEST 2006

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I posted this on the Thunderbird Forums. I thought that it might have
something to do with Enigmail/GnuGP... I thought I might get an
opinion from another perspective. What do you guys think?

> Sometimes (maybe 2/5 times) Thunderbird will crash when I start
> typing an address into the "To:"/"cc:"/bcc"/etc. entry box to get the
> autocomplete list of contacts. This happens if I:
> -write a new message
> -reply/reply-to-all to a message
> -forward a message
> But again, this only happens sometimes; it seems to be random also.
> When the dialog comes up (in Windows XP) that says "Thunderbird is
> experiencing an error and needs to close..." I look in the details,
> and it says the module name (after thunderbird.exe) is
> "xpcom_core.dll". I've checked the TB directory and xpcom_core.dll
> *is* there. I thought it might be corrupted, so I searched the
> internet and downloaded another copy. I replaced it (backing up the
> old one) and it seemed to help. But about 10 minutes ago, it >happened
> again.
> I really don't know why this is happening. The only thing I can
> think of is the Enigmail extension (which has caused problems before)
> but it is essential to my emails, so I can't afford to unistall it.
> Versions and extensions:
> TB: (build 20060516)
> -Enigmail 0.94.0
> -MinimizeToTray 0.0.1 (build 2006030906+)
> -SwitchProxy Tool 1.4
> Installed after crashes (so they logically shouldn't have anything
> to do with it)
> -Lightning 0.1 (build) 2006031011
> -AboutConfig 0.6

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