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Sun Jun 25 04:24:16 CEST 2006

Bob Henson wrote:
> Would someone kindly confirm the gpg.conf line for setting the keyring
> directory elsewhere than the standard one, please. As far as I can see,
> the --homedir command sets the directory for the executable files, but
> I'm not sure what to set to move the keyrings to another path to the
> standard (Win XP) path of ...../application data/gnupg. Maybe it's an
> environment variable needs setting?

From the manpage:

--homedir directory
          Set  the  name  of  the  home  directory to directory If this
          option is not used it defaults to  "~/.gnupg".  It  does  not
          make sense to use this in a options file. This also overrides
          the environment variable $GNUPGHOME.

However, the "best" fix on Windows is in the registry:

"HomeDir"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\Username\\Application Data\\GnuPG"
"OptFile"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\Username\\Application

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