Questionnaire about GnuPG usage

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Sun Mar 5 07:53:14 CET 2006

This semester I'm taking a course in Human-Computer Interactions, under
Prof. Juan-Pablo Hourcade.  The course is mostly about how to design
humane interfaces--how to make GUIs that help you get work done, instead
of getting in your way.  A couple of people in the class are crypto
freaks, and so we decided to see if we couldn't put together a
high-quality user-friendly GUI for the GNU Privacy Guard--or, at the
very least, some good ideas of what a user-friendly GUI would look like.

Thus, I'm asking the list: if you're willing to take a questionnaire and
give feedback on your needs and requirements for a GnuPG UI, please
email me _off-list_.  Your reports will be stripped of all identifying
data and your answers will be compiled into aggregate results.  The
final report, in addition to being turned in for class credit, will be
released under the Creative Commons Noncommercial Attribution Sharealike
license, for the benefit of the entire GnuPG community.

Thanks much!  :)

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