SCM SPR 532 cardreader pinpad

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Mar 27 21:15:02 CEST 2006

On Mon, 27 Mar 2006 17:56:35 +0200, Peter Lebbing said:

> I must say the way it's phrased in the HOWTO is strange. The SPR 532 is 
> described with "pinpad may be used", and the Kobil KAAN Advanced with 

That should indicated that I have code to support it.

> "The keyboard is not yet supported by GnuPG". I honestly don't see

and that that I have not tested it yet.

To summarize: There is some code in gnupg but it is not yet ready for
general use.  The parts which are not yet stable enough is the code to
dismiss the pinentry after the PIN has been entered on the reader's
pin pad.



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