Running pinentry natively under MacOS.

Benjamin Donnachie benjamin at
Tue May 9 17:56:41 CEST 2006

Benjamin Donnachie wrote:
> At the moment - to work with Thunderbird/Enigmail you will need to start
> it from a terminal.  The steps required are: open terminal, type eval
> $(gpg-agent --daemon) and then
> /Applications/Thunderbird/Contents/MacOS/thunderbird-bin
> I am currently working on a solution which will negate this step.  (Any
> Mac OS gurus out there, please get in touch!)

Here's how to make gpg-agent start on login *and* for it to be available
to all programs, including GUIs and Terminal programs:

	1. Create the directory ~/.MacOSX and save the attached
environment.plist file into there.

	This file will ensure that the required environment variables are
available to GUI programs.

	2. Save the attached login.command file to  /opt/local/bin/login.command

	You may wish to modify this file for your own needs - it starts
gpg-agent and saves the output to ~/.gnupg/.gpg-agent

	3. Make sure that it is executable chmod +x /opt/local/bin/login.command

	4. Edit the file ~/.profile to include eval $(cat ~/.gnupg/.gpg-agent)

	This makes the environment variables available to command line programs.

	5. The under system preferences, accounts, login items add the file

	6. Then logout and log back in again.  gpg-agent will automatically be
started, and every application will be able to access it without you
having to start a terminal first!

Annoyingly, I can't stop the terminal window that just hangs about when
you log in...  Just close for now...

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echo -n -e "\033]0;Starting gpg-agent - please wait\007"

killall gpg-agent

/opt/local/bin/gpg-agent --daemon --enable-ssh-support --use-standard-socket > ~/.gnupg/.gpg-agent

echo -n -e "\033]0;Starting gpg-agent - DONE\007"
echo "**  This window is now safe to close  **"

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