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Coffee Pot wrote:
> Any plans for a GPG for Palm OS, i.e. something similar to GPG4Win?
> PGP has discontinued their PGP Mobile for Palm OS. The latest version
> is 2.0.2; it is not available commercially and it does not work well
> with Palm OS 5 and above. I have tried the previous trial versions of PGP
> for palm and they crashed my Palm. Only version 2.0.2 worked
> marginally without crashing my Tungsten T.

PGP Mobile and Palm OS 5 have been discussed more on Yahoo's PGP-Basics list and
much more on the PGP-Users list. I would suggest checking or
asking on the PGP-User list as top execs from PGP Corp read and respond there.

Quoting Will Price, VP Engineering PGP Corp, from PGP-Users, 2003-06-08:
    "In some respects, we are just as frustrated as you may be. If I may be
  quite frank, Palm OS 5 was a hack job not ready for prime time. If we
  felt that some amount of maintenance work would quickly clean up issues
  with different Palm OS 5 devices, we would engage the effort."

    "I look forward to Palm OS 6. Palm OS 5 appears to be a halfway step
  down the transition road towards Palm OS 6 later this year which will
  (finally!) bring full support for the new processor types allowing
  acceptable speeds for all the key sizes and one hopes fix the API
  issues which prevent some of the features of PGP on Palm OS 4.X from
  working properly on Palm OS 5. It is my hope that a major new release
  of PGP Mobile will be ready for that OS and others."

   Archive available to list subscribers]

Many in the PGP Mobile camp have taken that as a promise that "When Palm OS 6
ships, we'll have PGP Mobile 3.0 ready."

Garnet (Palm OS 5.x) still seems to be Palm's OS of choice. Cobalt (Palm OS 6)
doesn't seem any closer to shipping. And with ACCESS now driving Palm OS
development, an all-Linux Palm OS is rumored on the horizon, even with the
developer site still pushing Cobalt.

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