Rijndael usage

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Sat May 13 08:34:00 CEST 2006

"David Gray" <david.gray at turpin-distribution.com> wrote in message 
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> Hi David,
> Thanks for the info, even if it's not what I wanted to hear.  :-)
> What do you mean by "raw Rijndael"?
> The C# code that the software house are using is shown below,  even if
> I clone this program am I likely to be able to decrypt without them 
> sending
> me a key in ASCII format?
> Thanks
> David.

If you are still needing assistance on this issue you may be in luck.

Mono is a Unix implementation of Microsoft's .Net platform, and it 
implements everything needed by your program.
If you have a Linux or Solaris system then implementation of a simple filter 
program is trivial.
You may not know C#, but I do, and it is a nice language. A wrapper around 
that function would take no more than 10 lines.

There is no OpenVMS port of Mono, but the nessisary portions should in 
theory compile fine under OpenVMS's POSIX subsystem.

Also, because .net is actually very well documented, I mey be able to act as 
a conctractor. In that event, I would provide C source to compile and link 
against a standard crypto library. Such a program should have no problems 
running under OpenVMS, although as I'm not familair with that OS, you would 
need to be able to compile the program, which should be trivial.

So if you still need some form of assistance with this, please feel free to 
contact me off-list. 

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