OpenPGP Card implementation

Peter Lebbing peter at
Sun Nov 12 13:12:45 CET 2006

Benjamin Donnachie wrote:
> It struck me as ironic that OpenPGP isn't that open!  I started work on
> an open implementation on a BasicCard but, due to licensing
> restrictions, I am unable to get a card with RSA card built in and
> implementing RSA using the binary left to right method in Basic with
> limited memory and processing power is no mean feat!

I got interested as well and though I understand it, I also see a lot of
added value in a true Open Source implementation. I'm looking into
implementing it on a general processor microcontroller, I have
experience with microcontroller programming. The main problem I see so
far is working out a way to get decent random numbers, for blinding and
key generation. Personally I don't use the latter function, because it
lacks the possibility for backups.

So far, it seems all cards that offer a true RNG out-of-the-box are
exactly those cards that also have other crypto functions, and all have
Non-Disclosure Agreements. It would be so great if general-purpose CPU
smartcards would be taken to a new level with true RNG and more memory
without any NDA's!

Limited memory is an issue, but I think not a show stopper. Hardware
TRNG isn't even difficult to create AFAIK, but obviously you can't add
one to a smartcard yourself.

I understand the decisions taken in the current and only implementation
of the OpenPGP card, but it's interesting to try other approaches. In
the worst case you build experience :). And when there is an
unsurmountable problem, it might provide a nice code-base to work from
when a future card would overcome those problems (I'm mostly thinking of
TRNG and memory size).


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