adding passphrases to gpg-agent

Jorge Almeida jalmeida at
Fri Nov 24 10:01:53 CET 2006

On Fri, 24 Nov 2006, Ivan Boldyrev wrote:

> $ locate gpg-preset-passphrase
> /usr/libexec/gpg-preset-passphrase
Yep, it's good to do updatedb regularly :)

Anyway, it seems the design of gpg-agent is not compatible with what I
wanted. With ssh-agent, I have a always-running service (supervised by
daemontools), which is easy to bring down if needed (but there's no
need) and which I can setup once and forget about it. Of course,
identities must be added (with ssh-add) after rebooting or if the
service goes down for some random reason (it didn't happen yet) or if I
chose to clear everything by sending the service a HUP. It works
transparently, regardless of whether ssh is called from X or from
another ssh session or whatever.
I hoped to have a similar setup for gpg-agent, but the way to add
identities just won't allow it. It seems to be a design decision, so
there's nothing to do. (I'm not a C programmer, and even if I could I
woudn't try to hack such an important package!)

Thanks everyone.
Jorge Almeida

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