[Announce] First release candidate for 1.4.6 available

Charly Avital shavital at mac.com
Thu Nov 30 08:36:09 CET 2006

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David Shaw wrote the following on 11/29/06 10:21 PM:
> We are pleased to announce the availability of the first release
> candidate for the forthcoming 1.4.6 version of GnuPG:
>  ftp://ftp.gnupg.org/gcrypt/alpha/gnupg/gnupg-1.4.6rc1.tar.bz2 (3.0M)
>  ftp://ftp.gnupg.org/gcrypt/alpha/gnupg/gnupg-1.4.6rc1.tar.bz2.sig
> SHA-1 checksums for the above files are:
>  c7fe6551350866af8509c3ba0666d1e69a1668cd  gnupg-1.4.6rc1.tar.bz2
>  9a35c9b9a9544dd0b5afd91c6595655dca2c0b9c  gnupg-1.4.6rc1.tar.bz2.sig
> Note that this is only a release candidate, and as such is not
> intended for use on production systems.  If you are inclined to help
> test, however, we would appreciate you trying this new version and
> reporting any problems.
> Noteworthy changes since 1.4.5:
>     * Fixed a bug while decrypting certain compressed and encrypted
>       messages. [bug#537]
>     * Fixed a buffer overflow in gpg. [bug#728]
>     * Added --s2k-count to set the number of times passphrase mangling
>       is repeated.  The default is 65536 times.
>     * Added a GPL license exception to the keyserver helper programs
>       gpgkeys_ldap, gpgkeys_curl, and gpgkeys_hkp, to clarify any
>       potential questions about the ability to distribute binaries
>       that link to the OpenSSL library.  GnuPG does not link directly
>       to OpenSSL, but libcurl (used for HKP, HTTP, and FTP) and
>       OpenLDAP (used for LDAP) may.  Note that this license exception
>       is considered a bug fix and is intended to forgive any
>       violations pertaining to this issue, including those that may
>       have occurred in the past.
> Happy Hacking,
>   David, Timo, Werner

Compiled from source with idea.c added to 'cipher'.
Version info:   gnupg 1.4.6rc1
Configured for: Darwin (powerpc-apple-darwin8.8.0)

Seems to be working fine.

Thank you David, Timo and Werner.

KeyOnCard at:

Version: GnuPG v1.4.6rc1 (Darwin)
Comment: GnuPG for Privacy
Comment: Using GnuPG with Mozilla - http://enigmail.mozdev.org


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