Logo ballot reminder (Andrew Berg)

Henry Hertz Hobbit hhhobbit at securemecca.net
Thu Nov 30 17:41:18 CET 2006

On Wed, 2006-11-29 at 11:52 -0600, Andrew Berg wrote:

> Joseph Oreste Bruni wrote:
> > Werner, your original ballot announcement ended up in my "Junk" box
> > accidentally by my filter. I only noticed it after a rare venture to
> > look to see what was there. Perhaps the HTML email is setting off
> > people's filters?
> I don't think HTML was why, it could be because of the number of links.
> Were there a lot? (it arrived before I subscribed to the list)
> Doesn't really matter,though. Just add gnupg-users-bounces at gnupg.org and
> gnupg-announce-bounces at gnupg.org to your address book.

Hello Chicago, Omaha, New Orleans.  Sorry, but I have an EMPTY address
book.  It was interesting seeing that phish site suck down my address
book on LINUX!  If I had been thinking faster I would have moved the
MUA folder (directory) some place else, created a new one with hundreds
of bogus addresses and gone to the phish site over and over and over ...
My addresses are safely contained in a GnuPG encrypted file.

I let the cat out of the bag though.  November 30 where?  In Chicago?
In New Orleans? In Pittsburgh?  I strongly suggest which ever time zone
it disappears from last on earth for the cut-off since you didn't
specify which time zone.  Hint:  That is somewhere in the Pacific,
not at Greenwich.  Hey you didn't specify it was to be GMT, er, UTC
time or any other time zone:


No, I don't need an email, and yes I will vote, but not by GMT time.
It is 4:41 PM GMT or 5:41 PM Berlin time, but only 9:41 AM here.
Hey you set yourselves up.  I cite as legal precedent a decision by
one of the judges that was on the circuit court system in the United
States (Etas Unis).  They had a rule that they could not be drinking
while cases were at court (no, not in the court dummy, after work)
unless it was raining.  So he walked outside the inn and the sun was
shining brightly with nary a cloud in sight.  He walked back in and
gave his summation.  They all ordered drinks.  His summation?  It
MUST be raining some place.  They didn't say WHERE it had to be
raining. Who was the judge?  John Marshall.  The precedent is now
set but not binding (court was not in session).  Here is a world
time clock to help you know when we have ALL run out of November:


Henry Hertz Hobbit

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