Compiling GnuPG 1.4.5 for Windows on Windows

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Sep 8 08:23:35 CEST 2006

On Thu,  7 Sep 2006 22:57, Mica Mijatovic said:

> And when I'm already at the desk, just a brief note that if a source
> code is being delivered as well, to the users, then it tends to mean
> that matters of compiling become regular topic on a user list too.

It is just fine to talk about compiling problems here.  Just make sure
that you indicate when you try to compile for Windows on a Windows
box [1].

> <!-- I myself am searching for solution on how to replace the "Good
> signature from..." into an "Oh, what a {nice|sexy} signature from..." or
> similar, and how many source files I'd have to modify then. (-; -->

Pretty easy.  You only need to take the po/gnupg.pot file, copy it to
po/en.po, translate just that string, add "en" to po/LINGUAS and



[1] I can't imagine that anyone will ever try to compile on Windows
    for a Unix box.

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