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Thu Sep 7 22:57:32 CEST 2006

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    Was Thu, 07 Sep 2006, at 13:25:25 +0200,
    when Carlo wrote:

> By the way, I have to point out a small mistake in the credits in
> the "PGP signed HTML" page
> <>... ;-)

> I am not the author of the pages stored at
> <>, nor of the "OpenPGP
> Digitally Signed HTML" tutorial. The author is TJL73, which is a
> different person from myself and which deserves all the credits for
> the "OpenPGP Digitally Signed HTML" tutorial. TJL73 wrote his
> tutorial in Italian and asked me to translate it in English,
> and so I am just the (poor!) English translator of the tutorial...
> ;-)

Thanks for pointing this oversight of mine out, it will be fi...oh, it's
already fixed! (-:

For some reasons I can't establish now, I got at the time wrong
impression that conversely was the case, namely that TJL73 is translator
into Italian. Maybe because of that "anche" (in the "Pagina disponsibile
anche in"), or simply for I was reading several documents at once (one
of them being your GPG build tutorial) of very similar writing style.

Be that as it may, I am glad that I did correct this. It might be pretty
unpleasant thing sometimes.

Thanks again.


And when I'm already at the desk, just a brief note that if a source
code is being delivered as well, to the users, then it tends to mean
that matters of compiling become regular topic on a user list too.

Besides, I love the Werner's signing off with the "Happy Hacking" when
he's announcing some new piece, of this and that, denoting again that
users here are involved, in general, in a bit more than just an
installation/use of the software.

<!-- I myself am searching for solution on how to replace the "Good
signature from..." into an "Oh, what a {nice|sexy} signature from..." or
similar, and how many source files I'd have to modify then. (-; -->

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