Need non-writable --homedir

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Mon Sep 11 08:14:14 CEST 2006

Josef Wolf wrote:
> Hello!
> I need a setup where the user running "gpg -e -r foobar" is not able to
> modify keyring contents.  I tried:
>   # chown -R root:user     ~user/.gnupg
>   # chmod -R o=rwX,g=rX,o= ~user/.gnupg
> Unfortunately, this don't work because gpg does some write operations
> in its .gnupg directory:
>  1. It locks the keyring.  --lock-never will avoid this.  Is it safe
>     to use --lock-never as long as it is guaranteed that _only_ "gpg -e" 
>     is ever run?  No key generation, no imports, no signung. Only
>     "gpg -e".  Is this safe?
>  2. There's the random_seed file.  It is modified at every run.  How can
>     I handle this?  I bet it would be a security problem should someone
>     be able to read this file.  Would it be possible to put it into a
>     different directory?
>  3. gpg writes temporary files into ~/.gnupg while encrypting.
> Any ideas?

use --keyring, --secret-keyring together with --no-default-keyring (see
the manpage) to store the keyrings on some ro media/place and leave the
homedir alone? You could even put that in the users (ro) gpg.conf.

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