Option file setting for cipher and hash not global?

Laurent Jumet laurent.jumet at skynet.be
Mon Sep 18 08:33:21 CEST 2006

Hello anogeorgeo at softhome.net !

> I wish to have GnuPG automatically use the cipher algo TWOFISH and hash
> algo RIPEMD-160 for all keys that are created.
> I have these settings in my "gpg.conf":
> cipher-algo TWOFISH
> digest-algo RIPEMD160
> s2k-cipher-algo TWOFISH
> s2k-digest-algo RIPEMD160
> But when I create a new key and use "showpref" I find the key is using the
> cipher AES256 and the hash SHA1.
> Is it possible to make all keys use TWOFISH and RIPEMD-160 by default?
> Also, is there a batch command that will automatically process the
> "setpref" command after "gpg --edit-key {key at email.com}" is processed?  I
> tried using the following batch file but it prompts to "Command>" after
> processing "gpg --edit-key {key at email.com}":

    I think you should use those options in the GPG.CONF file:
    (Those are mine, of course you may choose your own).

default-preference-list S7 S10 S3 S4 S2 H3 H2 H1 Z3 Z2 Z1 Z0
personal-cipher-preferences S7 S10 S3 S4 S2
personal-digest-preferences H3 H2 H1
personal-compress-preferences Z3 Z2 Z1

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