gpg-agent and pinentry MacOS

Benjamin Donnachie benjamin at
Wed Sep 20 16:37:25 CEST 2006

Remco Post wrote:
> yeaterday I installed Ben's packages for gnupg v2 and pinentry on macos
> X. They absolutely work as expected, tnx Ben! 

That's great news! :-)

> But, as others (and I) have noted, gpg-agent does not cache pinentries
> for ssh authentication, which basically means that you'll have to enter
> your pin every time you connect to a remote host. N

I think that's been fixed in the latest version.  Unfortunately, I was
busy packaging up 1.4.5 and haven't had chance to look at gpg2 again.
I'll try to get a "proper" package for gpg2 done over the next week or so.

Take care,


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