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Qed wrote:
> On 09/24/2006 05:08 PM, Alphax wrote:
>>>> And therefore, even better, what is the present status of adding to
>>>> GnuPG an "official" ECC keys support?
>>> ECC are not part in RFC2440 nor there's a plan to include them.
>> You're wrong.
>> 9.1. Public Key Algorithms
>>        ID           Algorithm
>>        --           ---------
>>        18         - Reserved for Elliptic Curve
>>        19         - Reserved for ECDSA
> I haven't seen much traffic on ietf-openpg mailing list about this
> issue, maybe the last message about ECC was in 2001.
> ECC is not a priority task for RCF2440, do you think this statement is
> more acceptable?


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