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Stan Rydzewski wrote:
>> Not that I take much glee in knowing there are things I can read on
>> linux that Windows users can't, but I thought that the man pages were
>> generally included with the windows builds and you could open them
>> with a text editor.
> Yes.  They don't format as nicely, but you can read them.  In any case
> there's a PDF of the current version.

Yeah, they sure don't. This is the start of the file,, from one of my
Windows systems.

gpg(1)                                                                  gpg(1)

       gpg -- encryption and signing tool

       gpg  [--homedir name]  [--options file]  [options]  command  [args]

       gpg is the main program for the GnuPG system.

       This  man page only lists the commands and options available.  For more
       verbose documentation get the GNU Privacy Handbook (GPH) or one of  the
       other documents at .

       Please  remember  that  option parsing stops as soon as a non option is
       encountered, you can explicitly stop option parsing by using  the  spe-
       cial option "--".

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