comment and version fields.

Sven Radde sven at
Mon Apr 2 10:19:25 CEST 2007


randux at schrieb:
> The "comment" and "version" armor fields are both essentially
> comments, and are ignored by the OpenPGP protocol. You can change
> either of them to whatever you like.
> ---
> ... That seems to defeat the reason for signing 
> as the common person would assume that a signed message
> is protected entirely against unauthorised changes.

I agree with randux here. The Comment is within the "---PGP
SIGNATURE---" part and I, too, was not aware that it is not protected by
anything. (Do the docs mention this, btw?)

It might be a possible way for a social engineering attack, if comments
like the following were inserted:
"Comment: NOTE: I will retire my current key soon!"
"Comment: Obtain my new key from"
"Comment: Fingerprint of new key: [...]"

It may not be a big risk, but I doubt that the general user-base is
aware of the fact that comments are not signed parts of the message.
I would suggest to at least update the documentation :-)

cu, Sven

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