How to sign mail and news under Windows system by using GnuPG?

Robert Smits bob at
Fri Apr 6 03:28:29 CEST 2007

On Thursday 05 April 2007 17:48, Moses wrote:
> Hi list,
> Could anybody tell me how to sign a email under Windows by using
> GnuPG? I've done some google, but could not find any Windows mail
> client support GnuPG. Furthermore, I also want use GnuPG in Outlook
> Express to sign mails and news, could anyone tell me how to do it?

When I google "gnupg Windows client" I find the following programs in Windows 
that are supported:

    Is a plug-in for Mozilla's mailer. 

    Is a plugin for the proprietary Eudora MUA. 

    Gpg4win is an installer package for Windows with computer programs and 
handbooks for email and file encryption. 

    GPGee (GNU Privacy Guard Explorer Extension) is a shell extension that 
adds Windows explorer right-click menu support for GnuPGIs a MS-Windows 
program to integrate GnuPG into the Desktop. 

    Is a plugin for the proprietary Outlook Express MUA. 

    A plug-in for Microsoft Outlook 2003. 

    Is a Windows program which can be used to use GnuPG with all MUAs. 

Pocket GnuPG
    Pocket GnuPG is the PocketConsole port of GnuPG. 

    Scribe is a small and fast email client that lets you send, receive and 
manage email without fuss. Scribe comes with a plugin that calls GnuPG. 

    Is a very nice GTK+ based MUA with full support for GnuPG. The Windows 
version is part of Gpg4win . 

    wija is a free and cross-platform Jabber/XMPP client written in Java, with 
built-in GnuPG key rings management GUI. Its extended protocols allow users 
to encrypt chat and multi-user chat as well as encrypting/signing messages 
and signing presence of the user. It is multilingual and runs on GNU/Linux, 
Mac OS X and Windows. 

Possibly one of these can work for you. 

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