Using GNUPG with php scripts and webserver

Stef Caunter stef at
Sat Apr 7 04:53:18 CEST 2007

Check error_log for the problem (if you can) - permissions on ~/.gnupg files 
will cause things to not work and you must have environment exported for the 
nobody user. I reset $ENV{'HOME'} in perl... there must be something 
similar in php. If you can view the environment the server provides in the 
browser you can see if you have what gpg requires. I assume the binary is in 
$PATH for the webserver. 
Keys must be readable and implicitly trusted for the webserver user and 
this user must have somewhere to write if you are using temporary files.


On Fri, 6 Apr 2007, womble wrote:

> Hi I cant get php scripts from Apache to execute GNUPG comands.
> If I run cmds or execute php scripts from the cmd line that works fine.

> nobody:x:99:99:Nobody:/home/nobody:/bin/bash

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