Gnupg cannot handle extremely large keys on 32 bit Linux

Charly Avital shavital at
Sat Apr 14 19:52:33 CEST 2007

At 6:44 PM +0200 4/14/07, Alexander Feigl wrote:

>Looks good.
>Can anybody test it with 2.0.3 on Mac?
>For me it look like there are problems with saving to key to disk. Importing
>the key with 1.4.7 and then checking the key with 2.0.3 seems to work last
>time I checked it (x86 Linux). At least as long as the key file is not
>touched by 2.0.3. If Enigmal would use the same gnupg components as gnupg
>2.0.x this would explain the behaviour. The key gets written out incorrectly
>and gnupg 1.4.7 fails because of this.
>Is there any easy way to view and compare the key material (prime product,
>public exponent...) of a key ring?
>Alexander Feigl


I think you may have found the cause of the confusion (mine):

When I run Thunderbird+Enigmail, I am using gpg 2.0.3 (on an Inter Core 2 Duo Mac), not gpg 1.4.7, and the keyblock is imported by Enigmail+gpg 2.0.3.

Therefore the problem wouldn't be related to Enigmail per se, but to gpg 2.0.3.

Now, why gpg 2.0.3 would write out your key incorrectly, in such a way that gpg 1.4.7 fails to recognize it?


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