Lost passphrase

Thomas Sowa groups at sowa.cc
Mon Apr 16 18:44:23 CEST 2007


a while ago I was experimenting with gpg and mutt, made some keys and
uploaded them. Then there was little time to play with it so I forgot
about it for a while and kept using my old mailer without the keys.

Now I just found the time again to set it all up like it should, and
realized that I wasn't cautious enough not to loose the passphrase.

Well, I know already, that it was stupid, so please don't make me feel
worse than I feel already, but I would appreciate if you could give me
some hints whats the best I could do now.

- i can't revoke it --> no passphrase :-(
- i still need the email adresses with the useless keys
- i definitely can't find the passphrase

My ideas were to make new keys using my name without the middlename, but
for the same email adresses, but I quess it will confuse people.

Thanks for feedback,

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