gpgsm --import of CA certificate: Bad signature?

Simon Josefsson simon at
Wed Apr 18 14:11:38 CEST 2007

Werner Koch <wk at> writes:

>> Although it may be argued that RFC 4055 only applies to RSA-PSS,
>> although this particular section is not clear that it only applies to
> The problem is that allowing for different encodings will require a
> complete DER (or well for some old specs even BER) parser in libgcrypt.
> Not long ago most crypto libraries showed implementaion flaws in that -
> libgcrypt didn't suffer from this due its poor man's and simple approach
> to checkthe RSA signature.  Given that the code in gpgsm/libgcrypt has
> passed several compatibility tests I doubnt that it is a good idea to
> change it now and open the way to introduce new bugs.

It is possible to avoid a DER/BER decoder if you generate two
structures, one with NULL parameters and one with absent parameters,
and compare both against what's in the decrypted signatures.

>> I should probably change GnuTLS here.
> I'd appreciate that.  If it later turns out that too many gnutls created
> certificates are in use we might consider to add a hack to gpgsm just
> for the SHA-1 case.

GnuTLS accepts both variants, so I made the change.  I'll release an
updated stable version to help get it out as soon as possible.


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