OpenGPG card indifferent places ?

Sven Radde email at
Fri Apr 20 15:36:23 CEST 2007

Matthias Barmeier schrieb:
> I tried to investigate what the URL should look like, but I cannot find
> an example.
> Could you give me some pointers or hints howto form this URL ?

Just tried it out to get a quick HOWTO:

Export your key, upload it to some webserver (not keyserver) and note
the URL, e.g.,

Then put the OpenPGP card into the reader, run "gpg --card-edit" "admin"
"url", enter the URL, enter the admin PIN, then "quit".
On the machine you want to set-up, insert the card, run "gpg
--card-edit" "fetch" "verify" enter the normal PIN and then "quit".

The "verify" will create the secret key stub (probably there are other
ways to invoke this) and "fetch" will download the corresponding public
key from the web.

Try "gpg --list-keys" and "gpg --list-secret-keys" and "gpg
--card-status" to check that all keys are where they belong.

HTH, Sven

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