Compression routines - please include 7-Zip

Henry Hertz Hobbit hhhobbit at
Mon Aug 20 20:29:37 CEST 2007


Für die Unterzeichnung danke.  This is amazing for somebody whose
father was run out of nothern Mexico (Me-hico) by Pancho Villa's

I have been using the 7-Zip compression long enough to give Igor
Pavlov the nod he has longed for.  Bzip2 is good. 7-Zip is better.
If you want to know how much better I will I give you the install
for our PAC filter in 7-Zip.  Reply out of group and I will give
you the goods.  It works in both Anglais  (Etas-Unis) and Français.
It is so blisteringly fast that it is time to give credit where
credit is due.  I had it updating our (my?) PAC filter.  Even with
copying the executable for 7zip.exe on Windows it is so blisteringly
fast I can't believe it.  I am used to the forty years that Microsoft
takes.  When it is done almost instantaneously (the word comes from
Latin to Français to Anglais) it shocked me!  What I need is more
security for the sig downloads to guarantee that things are okay
(email me for the script that will be available in a few hours).

Tell Richard Stallman to stop toking up long enough so that we can
discuss this and head it in the right direction.  Other than the
fact that 7-Zip does not store the UID/GID it is the best
compression algorithm out there.  It is only marginally better than
BZIP2 but it is infinitely better than ZIP or RAR.  If we can adopt
it as a standard in OpenPGP it may be all that is needed to go to the
next level. Why go half-way when you can go all the way?  The UID/GID
problem has no meaning in email anyway.

What I am begging for is people to make the install of 7-Zip not
optional but mandatory.  In the past month I told somebody to stuff
it because they refused to use it on Windows.  It was the best thing
that happened in my life.  I have a French speaking friend who is
infinitely better than all of my English speaking friends.

Thanks for listening.  I am too tired right now.  I have to take a


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