Questions about generating keys

Nigel Brown ngvb69-gnupg at
Fri Aug 24 23:00:51 CEST 2007

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Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 08:58:29 -0400
David Shaw wrote:
> Thanks for checking this.  Can you tell me what happens if you import
> a (GPG created) DSA2 key into PGP?  Is PGP then able to verify a DSA2
> signature created with GPG?

No problem. PGP Desktop accepts the GPG-created DSA2 key quite happily, and
verifies the DSA2 signature made in GPG on a separate key.

If I import the secret part of the GPG-created DSA2 key PGP will also let me
sign keys with it in PGP.

hmm... so PGP _does_ support DSA2 really... (but still won't create DSA2 keys)

> It's reasonably common with this sort of thing to enable reading a new
> feature before enabling writing it.  It's the whole
> be-liberal-in-what-you-accept thing.

Right you are. And I should have known better than to doubt Mr Hansen.

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