Questions about generating keys (hash firewalls)

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Sun Aug 26 08:16:18 CEST 2007

Doug Barton wrote:
> It almost sounds from what you're saying above that there actually is an 
> argument for RSA's hash firewall being "better" than DSA[2] here, but if I 
> correctly understood what you said later in the thread, the margin by 
> which it's "better" is so small as to not be worth considering. Is that 
> more or less correct?

I think I was the one who made that argument and said the margin was
ultimately not worth considering, so I hope you'll forgive me answering
this one despite it being addressed to David.

Anyway.  Yeah, I think that's a fair assessment.  Is there a benefit?
Yes.  Does the benefit matter?  Not really.

Or, as David said, if your property is surrounded by a 1000-foot fence,
a 1001-foot fence is not going to be much better.  If the bad guy can
clear a 1000-foot fence, the additional foot probably isn't going to
stop him.

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