problem in Outlook 2003

Dimitri trichotecene at
Wed Aug 29 18:15:38 CEST 2007

Hello friends. 
For days he has been changing the computer with which
he worked, in the actual PC I importeded my key
without problems, but whenever I execute the Key
Manager WinPT the system shows me the following
message to me: 

"not ultimately trusted key found. Please Seth AT
least one secret key to ultimate trust ".

In addition, whenever treatment to send a message from
outlook 2003, shows the following error to me: 

"the operation due to a serious error in Outlook could
not be completed". 

I have reviewed the configuration of the WinPT and
Outlook and not at all strange nonencounter that me of
lights of which it can be last. Somebody has some idea
of the problem?. 



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