dokuwiki for gpg

Jorgen Christiansen Lysdal j.lysdal at
Fri Dec 21 19:38:28 CET 2007

Hi, and happy birthday!

For some time now, 1 or 2 years, I have followed this list. Followed
this small, but very responsive group of people, willing to spend their
spare time, helping complete idiots (like me) into understanding, just
what gpg is all about.
I have been pleased with the very informative and competent replies,(my
brain fries when you guys bring up the math though!) I and others have
got from this community. Thanks!

Now, I feel the need to give something back, to the community, something
many gpg users can benefit from.
My friend suggested to setup a dokuwiki to hold the documentation.
Making it a bit more easy to maintain and add new stuff.
I think its a brilliant idea, but what do you guys have to say about
it? Is there a need for at? is it worth it?

Jorgen Ch. Lysdal

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