Server problem?

Bob Henson bob.henson at
Sat Dec 22 18:31:32 CET 2007

Charly Avital wrote:-

> Bob Henson wrote the following on 12/22/07 7:07 AM:
>> Is there a problem with the server sending messages to the list? Headers
>> are appearing in Thunderbird as usual, but clicking on any message in
>> the list gives a delay (presumably in downloading) of a couple of
>> minutes at least, during which Thunderbird reports that it is not
>> responding - eventually it does. All my other mailing lists from other
>> sources are working just fine and at normal speed, and I've just checked
>> my broadband speed which is also OK.

> Your e-mail is the first one I have received from the list's server
> since yesterday evening.
> There was no problem downloading and opening it, and verifying its
> signature. Mere seconds.
> Are you running some kind of firewall or  network monitoring software
> that might be interfering specifically with the list's server?

Hmm, quite odd, all seems to be OK now - don't you just love
intermittent problems! I'm not running any firewall type software at all
(apart from windows firewall, buts that has always been there) - but I
did wonder if my ISP might be doing something odd with mail connected
with OpenPGP. Encrypted messages (to myself, as tests) normally tend to
take a a little longer than normal to return here (maybe while their
anti-virus software gives them a good going-over), but signed or plain
text ones have never had a problem before.

After I posted the message, and before reading yours, I deleted
everything in the directory that gnupg-user messages are stored in, so
it may be that a grunged message was causing the problem and I've now
cleared it by deleting and compacting. It was unlikely to be at my ISPs
server end, because all other mailing list were OK. Anyway, so long as
it stays this way, I'm not going to spend much time on it. However,
thanks for spending some of your time to reply - as my Grandma used to
say "a bit of help's worth a lot of pity".



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