Server problem?

Charly Avital shavital at
Sat Dec 22 18:59:12 CET 2007

Bob Henson wrote the following on 12/22/07 12:31 PM:

> After I posted the message, and before reading yours, I deleted
> everything in the directory that gnupg-user messages are stored in, so
> it may be that a grunged message was causing the problem and I've now
> cleared it by deleting and compacting.

Good guess.

There's something that I can't remember now, related to gpg stalling
because of some missing or incompatible digest-algo, but I don't believe
it is applicable here.

> However, thanks for spending some of your time to reply - as my Grandma used to
> say "a bit of help's worth a lot of pity".

What with the Christmas spirit and all, "one tries to be of service".

Take care,

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