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Fri Feb 2 14:00:23 CET 2007

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Werner Koch wrote:
> On Fri,  2 Feb 2007 11:15, at said:
>> I've set the agent with ssh support, and it quite nicely manages my ssh
>> dsa key, but for some reason ssh-add -l does not show my smartcard rsa
>> key while gpg --card-status does work (as does signing e-mail with my
>> smartcard).
> Do you have scdaemon installed?  If so, you should put

mope, I didn't. I tried installing it (as part of the gpgsm package) but
the /usr/lib/gnupg/pcsc-wrapper seems to be missing in the package :(

> verbose
> debug 1024
> debug 2048
> log-file /home/foo/scdaemon.log
> into the ~/.gnupg/scdaemon.conf and kill the scdaemon process.  Make
> sure that it really got killed.  Then do an "ssh-add -l" again and
> watch the log file.

The log-file:

2007-02-02 13:41:20 scdaemon[5733] can't run PC/SC access module
`/usr/lib/gnupg/pcsc-wrapper': No such file or directory
scdaemon[5733.0x8096340] DBG: -> ERR 100663404 Card error <SCD>
scdaemon[5733.0x8096340] DBG: <- RESTART
scdaemon[5733.0x8096340] DBG: -> OK

> Note, that gpg-agent starts scdaemon and restarts it if has crashed.
> Shalom-Salam,
>    Werner

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