New command line language parameter

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Feb 6 10:24:02 CET 2007

On Mon,  5 Feb 2007 14:57, jmarugan at said:

> I tried the SET LANG=xx and as far as i read in the GPG documentation
> and mailing list's posts, this is only for POSIX systems, not for
> windows, at least in windows doesn't work in all the ways i tried.

You are right.  It works for GPA but not for GPG because with gpg we
use a simplified version of gettext.  This is easy to fix.

> I'm afraid the only way to use a language file in windows is the
> registry or a new command line parameter.

No.  A command line option won't work because how would you then print
a localized message like "invalid option" or diagnostics printed even
before any option has been parsed.



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