Greg Reaume greg at
Sat Feb 10 01:09:02 CET 2007

I'm having troubles with the sig-keyserver-url option in GPG 1.4.6 on
Windows XP.

I have it specified in my gpg.conf:
sig-keyserver-url hkp://
...but it doesn't seem to have any effect.

I also try to specify it on the cmd line:
gpg --sig-keyserver-url hkp:// --sign-key ########
...and it proceeds with signing but leaves off the keyserver URL.

I have found only one way to make it work on my own key.  If I first
self-sign my key, quit, then return to edit and use the 'keyserver'
command it will work.  If I try to do both things in the same edit
session it will quietly take the command but do nothing.  Unfortunately
edit mode won't allow me to do this on someone else's key because I
don't have the private key.

I'm using the openpgp option (no-force-v3-sigs) and I have successfully
set the cert-policy-url in my gpg.conf and it works every time.  I have
set list-options and verify-options show-keyserver-urls.  verbose and
debug 1024 options yield no useful output for this issue.

I'm able to reproduce the behaviour on another Windows XP computer with
a different key.

Is this a bug?  Is there anything I can do to provide more info to
better troubleshoot the issue?


Greg Reaume

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